Summer 2017: 

Spring 2017: Providing Effective, Culturally Competent Services to Muslim Students 

Fall 2016: Measuring the Value, Effectiveness, and Impact of College Career Centers

Summer 2016: Updating Your Professional Toolkit

Spring 2016: Career Services- A Catalyst for Equitable Thriving in a Complex Society

Fall 2015: Advocacy for Career Services– Trends and the Future

Summer 2015: Advocacy for Career Services

Spring 2015: Leading Change in Career Services

Fall 2014: Serving International Students

Summer 2014: Serving LGBTQ Students

Spring 2014: Building Purposeful Partnerships

Fall 2013: Learning Outcomes, Assessment, and Site Visits

Summer 2013: Emerging Technology

Spring 2013: Working with Staffing Agencies

Fall 2012: Serving Students with Disabilities

Summer 2012: Intercultural Competencies